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Both structured and unstructured corporate and non-corporate data is everywhere and impacts the way we need to process it to effectively make use of it. There is a lot of valuable data for which we need advanced and flexible tools to convert it into information. To be able to answer the questions that make the difference becomes ever more important for organisations. IT organisations are under great pressure to decide for the right tools that will be able to provide the right perspective given the available resources.

Get the right perspective by using the future proof enterprise-grade tools that allow to convert data - no matter the source - into meaningful information. We work with OpenText™ Magellan™ software as well as with open source eclipse BIRT to achieve our goals. Our experienced consultants are OpenText™ certified to ensure top quality results.

Example solutions

Financial Services

Organisations that deliver financial services work with very sensitive and personal data. Trust and security are of extreme importance. Being able to adopt continuously changing regulations will assure to stay compliant. To be competitive, a trustworthy user experience is invaluable. A compelling online user experience can be the discriminating factor for success. Learn more...


Need for energy is growing with a growing population and an increasing demand for technology products, putting enormous strain on the existing networks. A profitable enterprise is able to optimise the distribution of energy, for which advanced analytics are indispensable. Billing processes can be excitingly complex. Having this streamlined will reduce customer churn. Learn more...


Patient data handling requires extreme care and needs to comply to the latest regulations. Advanced data security mechanisms facilitate trusted content distribution. Being able to combine data from several different sources simplifies the IT landscape and reduces costs. Learn more...


Manufacturing processes can create massive amounts of data. This data can be used to monitor and validate the quality of the products, as well as input for production documentation. Trend analysis is essential to fine tune production equipment to optimise the production costs. Flexibility and scalability ensure continuity. Learn more...


Customers expect a 100% uptime of the network. Minimising the chance of network outage by quickly identifying and addressing issues contributes to meeting these customers’ expectations. Acquisitions demand solid IT solutions that are flexible and scalable. Learn more...

Van Rooij Consultancy is an OpenText™ Magellan™ BI & Reporting solutions provider with more than 15 years of experience in several industries. Our services include software installation, implementation, integration, migration, training, support and consultancy.
We are based in The Netherlands, but the world is our office.

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